Talent Acquisition Specialist

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Location: Skopje
Employment: full-time

Key Skills:

We are looking for someone with commitment, initiative, and willingness to give, learn, and grow. If you are passionate about building and driving the right strategy for placing top talents and you know how to reach and engage candidates on a human level, we have the perfect job for you! We are looking for an enthusiastic Talent Acquisition Specialist to join our team in our modern offices at the most attractive location in Skopje. An awesome opportunity to work with a Swiss Macedonian company and international team, where you can spark your creativity, leadership, and teamwork 

Key responsibilities

1. Accountability/ Responsibility and main tasks
Hunting & Recruiting

2. Interfaces and partial responsibilities 
Customer and Employee Relations

 Admin NMK

3. Social skills, collaboration & leadership principles
Initiative, goal orientation and hungry for success
We expect a high degree of initiative and structuredness for this position. We also value a high level of commitment, active thinking and goal- and solution-oriented action. In the end this person needs to be hungry for success. 
Communication skills
As Recruiter, good communication skills are very important, as teamwork is very important to us. When dealing with customers, suppliers and employees, responding to needs, clear and convincing arguments and gaining and maintaining trust are central. Especially towards possible candidates this person needs to have a flair for sales and has a strength in convincing people to join us and our partners.
HR Management
We are characterized by flat hierarchies and short decision-making paths. In direct employee management, a benevolent, supportive, but at the same time demanding attitude is indicated in order to motivate employees to increase team performance and achieve higher goals. A recruiter’s self-confident decision-making competence creates goal orientation, clarity and security in the team.

What we offer

What you need to offer

The job owner is responsible in terms of all operational aspects for the hunting & recruiting. She or he is on one hand accountable for the search and contact of candidates for our open positions in all matters and on the other hand responsible for the whole operational hunting & recruiting process. The job owner will lead all the interviews, evaluate the candidates towards our partners and supports the decision-making process with them.